Best Kept Waterfront Restaurant Just Minutes from The National Harbor

Hubby and I love DATE NIGHT! We especially love it when we go to a place that is close to home, has great food, a laid back atmosphere and great music.

We stumbled upon Proud Mary Waterfront Restaurant and Bar a few years ago when we turned to YELP for a suggestion. We love going to places we’ve never gone before, so imagine our relief when we saw it was only 15 minutes from our house and another 5-10 minutes from Washington, DC. This was great because after we eat, we try to find somewhere else to go to listen to music and to chill for the rest of the evening.

Proud Mary is located in Fort Washington, Maryland and sits on a marina on the Potomac River. Proud Mary has: live music, karaoke, comedy, Sunday Brunch, etc. so there is plenty of entertainment there throughout the week.

We arrived at Proud Mary around 6:45pm on a Friday night. We walked to the back and had no wait for a table. Our server, Jazzy, was so pleasant and attentive the entire time.

The Menu is one page with food on one side and drinks on the other.

We ordered the chicken wings for an appetizer. The picture is minus two because we were starving. The wings were hot and good. I ate mine with hot sauce and blue cheese.

Hubby the Captain’s Platter and enjoyed his meal. He always orders his food fried, so this was his 1st time ordering his food broiled. He said it was hot and extremely tasty. He felt like the portions were enough.

I had the Ikette’s Crab Cakes. They were delicious and full of crab meat. I was happy it was not full of filler and bread. The broccoli was hot and fresh and had just a hint of butter on it. I thoroughly enjoyed my meal.

The crowd is roughly 35+ and the atmosphere is extremely laid back as you chill on the water watching boats go by. It was not too hot and the deck is covered to ensure the sun did not beam down on us. The music was a mixture of old school and new R&B as well as Neo-Soul music (our favorites). The seating area started filling up by the time we left, which is understandable because it was gorgeous out there.

If you are looking for a relaxing place to chill with your honey or even Girls’ Night Out, I would suggest visiting Proud Mary in Fort Washington, Maryland.

I was not paid for nor received compensation for this review.


28 thoughts on “Best Kept Waterfront Restaurant Just Minutes from The National Harbor

  1. I absolutely love when I go to a new restaurant and the food is good, it’s like a kiss from Jesus lol. The next time we staycation in DC I’d love to check out Proud Mary on the Waterfront.

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